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Jellycat Bashful Monkey 12

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Bashful Monkey 12

A Bashful Monkey 12 a great monkey doll manufactured by Jellycat is the best toy. The monkey doll comes in beige. One of the many key features for these dolls is the completely safe meets or exceeds all american toy standards. Other features consist of the softest plush ever and too cute and cuddly. The doll is 12" Height x 4" Length x 4" Width and it weighs roughly 1 lbs. Will your kids really be satisfied with this product? When buying the Bashful Monkey 12 do not just purchase from the initial place you see. The first place you come across it may not be the best. Articles are the best way to find knowledge about both the price and quality for anything. Take a bit of extra time and you'll find exactly what you ought to purchase for children at the appropriate price for your pocket book. Shopping for Bashful Monkey 12 . To learn more about this monkey doll, check out our partners via the add to cart button below.


Model: BAS3MK
UPS: 670983045598
Color: beige
Package Quantity: 1

The Bashful Monkey - 12"might be the newest member from the Jellycat family. Our priority, and that of Jellycat, is absolute safety in the manufacturing and choice of materials in all our items. Jellycat ensures that every single product meets or exceeds European Testing standards and American Testing standards. Suitable for all ages. He is 12"tall and filled with love! This precious soft toy will win your heart as soon as you meet him.


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