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Ty Beanie Babies - Schweetheart The Orangutang [toy]

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Beanie Babies

Your young child is going to take the Beanie Babies just about everywhere. A list of special features are orangutang, beanie babies and ty. The doll is 9" Height x 4" Length x 3" Width. 008421042524 is the bar code for this product, visit the hyperlink below.


Model: 008421042524
UPS: 008421042524
Package Quantity: 1

The most precious of primates, Schweetheart was born January 23, 1999. --Peggy Etra The potbellied body, arms, and legs are a burnt red that tends to make this darling a true standout. Perfect for a boy or girl, or great for a collector. The face is carried out in a two-tone beige, the muzzle is the lighter beige with thread nostrils and mouth. And topping off this must-have Beanie Baby is really a wispy tuft of light brown fuzz. The accompanying poem reads: Of all the jungles filled with vines Traveling about, you came to mine Because of all the things you mentioned I can't appear to acquire you out of my head! The ears are also the lighter beige and so are the hands and feet. You won't be in a position to cease yourself from staring at Schweetheart's amazing face. The lifelike eyes are detailed with droopy lids. Surface washable only.


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