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Webkinz Cheeky Monkey

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Cheeky Monkey

Your young child is going to take this Cheeky Monkey - a great monkey doll made by Ganz just about everywhere. I believe you will like that the doll offers this feature of comes with activation code for online games and a virtual version of this stuffed animal. UPC Number 065810329604. The doll is 8" Height x 3" Length x 5.75" Width. It weighs around 0.35 lbs. We want you to get the best price and service when acquiring a monkey doll for your kids. Please, visit the button.


Model: HM080
UPS: 065810329604

Discover a virtual world with Webkinz pets. Pet owners can name it, make it a home and even play games. Not recommended for kids beneath 3. Cheeky Monkey measures 10 ". Webkinz animals come getting a specific Internet code so your child can interact with it online. The code lets you enter Webkinz World and bring your pet to life.

Minimum Supported Browsers: Windows - Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7. 0, AOL Explorer 1. 5, High-speed Internet Required, Monitor Resolution 1024 x 768. 5. 3, Internet Explorer 5. 2. 2. 3, Fire Fox 1. com for latest revisions. webkinz. 2, Firefox 1. Requirements might change; check www. Mc Intosh - Safari 1.


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