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Folkmanis Monkey Hand Puppet

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Monkey Hand Puppet

Kids really enjoy the cute Monkey Hand Puppet from Folkmanis. I feel you will like that it offers this feature of the 125 species of monkey belong to the primate order which also includes apes and human beings. Other highlights include things like movable mouth and arms. and 6" long x 6" wide x 10" tall. It's 5.5" Height x 9" Length x 7" Width and weighs something like 0.39 lbs.


Model: 2123
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Keep an eye on the bananas-this Monkey is nimble- fingered! maybe even a snack. When you manipulate its arms, head and mouth, this velvety puppet will steal any scene.

Make a tiny monkey business with this gorgeous puppet, whose thick, lush coat and tail are created of contrasting browns. The puppeteer's hand is inserted by implies of the bottom of the body, and fingers fit in the upper arms and mouth. --Peggy Etra The puppet's hands, feet, ears, and face are made of a dark beige fabric, and his nose is perched atop his oversize mouth, the inside of which is actually a darker brown. Wonderfully detailed, this monkey puppet is 23 inches long and 8 inches wide. Surface washable with cold water. Large plastic button eyes finish off his expressive face.


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